July 2, 2011

After So Long....

Hey guys!!I'm back!I havent been writing on this blog for some reason.people say i can't be bothered to write,because you know kids,like me,always want to be so ambitious but then they gave up doing it after a short period,and i am one of them ,so im very sorry for not writing for a few months now.

   Well, now I hope I will be writing for at least once a month and that will be my target,if I do reach that target,I'll move it to writing in this blog for 2 times in a month and then once a week.Let's get started now!

it looks small on the outside but it is very big on  the inside

  This week has been probably one of the best week for this month, because on Monday me, my class and several other class from Year 7 went to a trip at the York, United Kingdom town and went to the castle museum!It was boring but lots of my friends makes some jokes,some of them are stupid but funny which makes the trip a good,awesome trip. I will give it 3/5 star rates.

Then, on Thursday,Year 7(which I am in) and Year 12 have to go to school for some f***ed up reason.It was another boring day but the school was very quiet and i would say quite spooky when I'm walking along the corridor because there was nobody at school except from my Year.Year 12 was in another building of school.But to be honest, the work that we did was ok, not boring.In Science,we have to make a tall building using a spaghetti, and some sticky stuff to make the building stands.It was competition between the talest building in my form.My group started ok but then it was falling apart as we are trying to get it higher.Then one of my group members just whack the building and it got destroyed....We failed lol(laugh out loud).

Finally, Friday.We have sports day.My team are called Derwent.We are against Ouse,Foss and Esk.At the first 2 sections of sports day,we are doing very well, winning both cricket and tug of war(or however you spell it).Tug of war is when you pull the rope with your teammates.We owned all of them,because we won all of  matches.But,The next 2 sections...didn't go to well.It was the running thing. I didn't participate with the running because I know I'm not fast as most people in my Year group.Overall,I think Derwent did ok,but I think there is room for improvement.The last one is  the field competition.I participate in High Jump but i couldnt even cross 90cm, so basically I failed the game straight away.At the end of the day, we are 2nd in the overall points.I was suprised for no reason.

So that how my 'good' weekend ended,both downside and upside.Now it's time for the Question Of The Blog!The Olympic game is coming soon.So,who is your favourite Olympic person and why do you chose them? I would probably choose Lee Chong Wei  because he is the best badminton player I've ever seen!
Thank you for reading or watching rather.Hope you enjoy reading/watching it!




February 16, 2011

16th February 2011

Hello And welcome to my blogspot.I know that I haven't updated this blog for a several week now and that is because I have been busy doing...some stuff and homework and all that boring school stuff.Also,I was 'studying' on how to do pen tricks and do all the spinning around ur hands with it.And the last thing is that I've been looking at other blogs to see how they make it popular...And if u've got any advice on how to make my blog more good looking and popular,please do suggest it to me and I will appreciate it.Thank you again for coming to this blog,This is wat I did today:

wake up                                                 go to school like always

listening to some music                doing some boring homework

And that is it!Wait,maybe it's too short for a blog update,so I give you some more information down there!Have fun reading!       

Ok,so I wake up in the morning at 6.40 o'clock.I go to bath straightaway because I need to...take a (BLEEP)...then after that I just go upstairs and get ready before go to school...I got 30 minutes before 8 o'clock,which is the time I set off to school.So I play some fifa 07 on my old,dusty PS2(PlayStation 2)...Then,after 30 minutes have gone,I started to set off to school(walking) while listening to some songs on my phone.Then  arrived at school and nothing is interesting until the 2nd period of schooltime,FOOD!

At Food,I thought it would be boring,but it was good fun.we make flapjack using some porridge oats,sugar,honey,and a margarine/butter.It was a disaster at first because I cannot think of what I need to do.Thankfully,someone helped me and I got back in the track.

Then,after school I went back to home with my heavy bag.Before going home,I collect my flapjack from the Food class.It was looking ok.THen after school I try to eat it and it's not that bad at all,for my first time doing the flapjack.Then I am doing my R.E homework while facebooking with some of my friends.

My homework was rubbish.I hate it but somehow I done my homework.After 30 minutes starting it.Then here I am,blogging!!!I enjoy writing as I hope you enjoy reading it.Thank you very much for your time.Next week,I'm going to try my best to update my blog everyday(this Saturday - next Sunday).Thanks again for reading it.Have a good day!

January 22, 2011

22nd January 2011

Hiya peoplezz!!! I'm just typing a little bit on this new post cuz im at my friend's house and right now my friend is disturbing his sister in her room...

Today I'm at my friend's house cuz today  is his sister's birthday,so we're havin a bit of party.It's started quite boring but then it got better and better by first playing games with my friend called Fauzan.He got a blog called...just wait a sec,I'm finding it now...Found it!It's called Step By Step,and here's the link:http://fauzan00.blogspot.com/
I hope you guys go to that blog and be his follower,thanks.Anyway,we played games on coolmath and the game is called CiviBalls...The game was pretty cool and awesome!Then we went to eat at the living room with other pupils there...After that,I followed Fauzan to disturb his sister and it was one of the best things I've ever done at someone's house!But then Fauzan got bored of it and go to play another game at the Internet,but I kept going until like 20 minutes later,I too got bored of it...And now here I am,blogging right now!And that's basically all of it that I did today.And here come the question of the week:

What is the most scariest thing,or rather horrible,stupid thing you've ever done?
   For me,when I was around 5 or 6,I was playing with my bicycle alone.Then a van came so I thought"Let's see if I can catch that van's speed."yeah,I know a stupid thing to do,but I thought it would be fun.So I started to cycle really - really fast when...
BAM!!!I fell over my bike and the bike went up the air but didn't hit me.I was crying really really loud then my maid came to me and said"What did you do?"
I said I fell over the bike but I didn't know what actually happened because what I remember was I was catching up to the van when all of the sudden my bike just...I don't know how to describe it...It just gone out of control!That was the most scariest thing I've ever done...What about you?Is it worse than mine?tell me and comment at the comment place.See you in a bit and have a good weekend!!

January 10, 2011

10th January 2011(Part 1)

YahoOo!!It's 21 days before my birthday!!I got too over excited that I spill my water all over the floor yesterday and I have to clean :P!I hate to say this,but doing cleaning is actually quite fun for me LOL!

So today it started pretty well...except the dreaming bit..This is how my dream started after I somehow fall asleep....

It was dark.Then,there's a light coming from my back.I turn back and it was a wedding day for someone who I don't know but I and my whole family(including grandad and my uncle) was invited and it was in Malaysia...I was talking to my cousin when suddenly theres a sound of the nuclear missile.Then the wedding day became a place full of blood and I was crying when...when...when someone asked me
"do you want to wake up now?"
"YES!"I said firmly to him.
Then,I woke up from my dream and it was 4.30am.
"well,I still got 3 hours to sleep"I said to myself so I went to go to sleep again.Then guess what?I got another dream.The atmosphere in my dream was different from what happened on my first dream.It was calm and I was in Malaysia.I'm guessing I was older than I am now because I'm feeling taller!And,my dad bought me a Dodge Viper then when I went in that car,it was...a little bit bigger than im expecting.the steering was on the right side at the window and the gearbox was at where the normal steering would be...and then it ends there...

Now I'm on the real world...I wake up,play some Urban Terror for a bit then I went to take a bath.After that I went upstairs,put some deodorant and then I go to school with two bags:1 for school stuff like pencil case,books etc. and the 2nd bag is full of P.E(Physical Education)kit like indoor kit and outdoor kit etc. 

It's Pro Design for the first lesson.We're doing this light so u could read the book at dark.We did it only halfway through because our teacher explains too much because we're well behind our schedule on our project!

Then it's Science and we're doing a practical work.We're doing this things likes those acids mixed with hydrogen and then we test some of the things like aluminium,copper and all of them and then put it inside the acid...

Oops!Looks like I gotta go now.sorry guys I didn't have time to finish it...Anyway it's the question of the day,if you could be a superhero,what superpower would you like to have?Mine would be a Spiderman so I could crawl around the building and jump around !Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy reading half of the part. I will update this probably on Friday or Thursday.

2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10 roadster the car that I dreamt of!! I absolutely adore this car!

January 6, 2011

6th January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!
   I have something new to add up to what I will do at this blog.Firstly after I finish writing about what I did,I'm going to ask you some really weird question that are out of this world!If you got a question,leave it on the comment section,I might pick some of them I'll answer them.Thank you.Here we go...

       It's a new year!!I have a wish which is to learn harder(but not the level of the nerds xD) so when I'm older I make lots of money so I could gave some of it to charity and when I'm older,I really want to buy a car called Proton Inspira(which replace the old model Proton Waja) because they look absolutely magnificent.These are some of the pictures...
the old model

the replacing model of the image above


Yeah.I know it looks like Mitsubishi Lancer but that is the real Proton Inspira..

Today I went to school like normal but I use the other bag.Some of them laugh at my bag because the colour as really bright but I don't care because I don't think the way they think,so I don't really get what's funny :P....

Anyway,today at school was pretty cool.Hey,that's a good ryhme,I might put it in my diary...Done!Let's continue,We did normal things at school.First we got R.E learning about this religion called Sikhism.First I thought the founder of the religion,Guru Nanak was quite a weird name(no offence) but I try not to think that way because it's quite disrespectful for the people belive in Sikhism.

Then we got Music and we did a keyboard test(the thing like a piano but smaller).I think I did quite ok.

Then we got break then it's Math.We did a recap on how to use the protractor,and I forgot about how to use it but thank god the teacher explains again on how to use it.so again,I did it quite well.

Then it's lunchtime.I bought 1 fishfingers and some wedges which all costs me 90 pence.After that I go to Year 7 normal place which is called Black Square.I went there and play football with my friends.

After the bell rang,I went to registration and then English.We looked at this video which is called devo evolution and found out that some photos of the popstars on the magazine (e.g Cheryl Cole etc.) was being edited by the producer on the computer to make they look more beautiful.

Then,it's Science.Oh yeah!It was totally superb!we learn about acid's sign like what's Harmful acid could do to you and all that.Our teacher did some experiment where she puts the sugar and a very dangerous acid and pour it onto the sugar.It then went all black because it was getting hotter when the sugar and the acid mixed in together.And then,some of my form pupil got to try and they have to think how to test which acids are the strongest!

That was it.I went back home and I watched Top Gear at 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm .Then I play Urban Terror 4.1(it's a game!)  with my friends called Bradley Tyssen.And this is what I'm doing after that.Blogging :)..Now I have a questions for you guys.What is your wish this year and how are you going to do it?For me,as I did explain earlier on,which is to learn harder and I would revise maybe 3 times a week,not everyday so I don't get to the level or called of the nerds.I hope you guys enjoy reading this,and have a good weekend!BYEE!!

December 20, 2010

20th December 2010

This week school is closed for Christmas in about 5 days....And the school is closed for like 2 weeks which is a long holiday.And on this Saturday it's the best day ever for me cos my dad is coming with Nabil,my older brother!!I'm looking forward to it because at the time,my mum is short of money,so my dad come with some money like 400 Pounds and I hope he will buy me some prezzies(presents)  like Nintendo Ds because I've always dreaming about me buying Nintendo Ds...But the chance of getting it is none cos I'm the type of boy who always doesn't care about my expensive stuff e.g.
last 2 years,my grandad bought me PSP and I broke it...So what the hell do I do?I give it to my friends because I thought he could fix it!But it didn't work  and it was shipped to Malaysia by mistake because at that time he was going back...\
Anyway,another reason is that Nabil is expert at computer stuff and all that,so I ask him that when he come here,I'll ask him to download Nfs Carbon(Need For Speed Carbon).Although,when nabil come here in UK,im sure he's gonna use all of his time here to play in internet because in Malaysia,the internet sucks so bad(no offence Malaysian internet service)that you can watch youtube unless you wait for like 10,15 minutes.

Another thing is,last few weeks in York the snow was coming down from heaven!It snows so heavy that the school in Scotland was closed all day(I saw it on news) and some people was stranded in highways because,well,you know why.

Last things today is not about me but,I saw on news about this 2010's total lunar eclipse -whatsit thing and its um,basically about this moon going darker and suddenly and I don't how,it turned it red moon...It certainly going to be fun to watch....It's probably going to happen around Monday night till Wednesday night..But believe me,I don't know when exactly it's going to happen but I hope you guys will see it...But,I can guarantee  that it will be fun.My life will be taken if it doesn't happen.I'm joking lol!Bye guys for now...I don't when I will make a new post but it will be when my dad came.For now,Cya y'all