July 2, 2011

After So Long....

Hey guys!!I'm back!I havent been writing on this blog for some reason.people say i can't be bothered to write,because you know kids,like me,always want to be so ambitious but then they gave up doing it after a short period,and i am one of them ,so im very sorry for not writing for a few months now.

   Well, now I hope I will be writing for at least once a month and that will be my target,if I do reach that target,I'll move it to writing in this blog for 2 times in a month and then once a week.Let's get started now!

it looks small on the outside but it is very big on  the inside

  This week has been probably one of the best week for this month, because on Monday me, my class and several other class from Year 7 went to a trip at the York, United Kingdom town and went to the castle museum!It was boring but lots of my friends makes some jokes,some of them are stupid but funny which makes the trip a good,awesome trip. I will give it 3/5 star rates.

Then, on Thursday,Year 7(which I am in) and Year 12 have to go to school for some f***ed up reason.It was another boring day but the school was very quiet and i would say quite spooky when I'm walking along the corridor because there was nobody at school except from my Year.Year 12 was in another building of school.But to be honest, the work that we did was ok, not boring.In Science,we have to make a tall building using a spaghetti, and some sticky stuff to make the building stands.It was competition between the talest building in my form.My group started ok but then it was falling apart as we are trying to get it higher.Then one of my group members just whack the building and it got destroyed....We failed lol(laugh out loud).

Finally, Friday.We have sports day.My team are called Derwent.We are against Ouse,Foss and Esk.At the first 2 sections of sports day,we are doing very well, winning both cricket and tug of war(or however you spell it).Tug of war is when you pull the rope with your teammates.We owned all of them,because we won all of  matches.But,The next 2 sections...didn't go to well.It was the running thing. I didn't participate with the running because I know I'm not fast as most people in my Year group.Overall,I think Derwent did ok,but I think there is room for improvement.The last one is  the field competition.I participate in High Jump but i couldnt even cross 90cm, so basically I failed the game straight away.At the end of the day, we are 2nd in the overall points.I was suprised for no reason.

So that how my 'good' weekend ended,both downside and upside.Now it's time for the Question Of The Blog!The Olympic game is coming soon.So,who is your favourite Olympic person and why do you chose them? I would probably choose Lee Chong Wei  because he is the best badminton player I've ever seen!
Thank you for reading or watching rather.Hope you enjoy reading/watching it!




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